Management Software

Community Management Software

Connect with your community using our dedicated app. Stay informed, engage with neighbors, and manage community-related payments seamlessly, fostering a harmonious living environment.

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Visual Service Request

Give your tenants a maintenance experience that they actually enjoy, on a stable, high performance, usable app.

  • Allow tenants to create and schedule their own service requests, with easy snap photo uploads

  • Respond quickly with instant notifications

  • Review the request and assign to vendors, wherever you are

Customer Community

Community Interaction

Let your tenants enjoy a healthy, socially active lifestyle by connecting with their neighbours in a secure, moderated environment

  • Connect tenants to their community to post any relevant notifications or news to the compound.

  • Roll out your community marketplace, allowing tenants to buy and sell items with your merchants and agents

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    Payment Collections

    POS System Collection

    Experience the future of transaction processing with our 360 POS Machine in your living compounds. Accept payments, streamline sales, and enhance your customers' checkout experience with state-of-the-art technology tailored for your business.


    Additional Features

    Online Payments

    No more missed or unaccounted payments, and no more cheque management. Make it easier for everyone with online payments.

    Payment Tracking

    Track the status of your tenant in all kind of payments and property collections.

    Performance Insights

    Make informed decisions based on real numerical data through your boyot's dashboard

    Efficient Communication

    Reduce phone calls, emails, text messages and paper notices. Make sure your message is heard, and do more with less!

    Automated receipts

    Automate invoices and receipt generation by landlord from the dashboard.

    Access Gate

    Tenant app view for pay and communicate with the landloard in easy-way.