Payments Collections

Online Rental Payment and Collection

Your collections and payments are now made easy with our digitized solution, you will not need to go to the bank or meet up with someone to collect your rentals or payments, everything now can be done within seconds with our multiple gateways and banks availed.


Automated Reminders and Invoices

Payment timings are one of the usual unexpected delays that most people face each month, now it is much easier to handle it through our automated system for Reminders and Invoices that will handle this process on your behalf 100%.


Maintenance Requests

Most of the utility's expenses are lost in the checkout part, you can barely collect them. With our solution, you can create separate invoices for the individual utility's expenses requested by the renters, plus paying the utilities through Boyot as well.


Additional Features

Document Storage

Provide landlords with instant access to key tenant, contract and financial documentation.

Payment Tracking

Track the status of your tenant in all kind of payments and property collections.

Performance Insights

Make informed decisions based on real numerical data through your boyot's dashboard

Efficient Communication

Reduce phone calls, emails, text messages and paper notices. Make sure your message is heard, and do more with less!

Automated receipts

Automate invoices and receipt generation by landlord from the dashboard.

Tenant Screening

Tenant app view for pay and communicate with the landloard in easy-way.